Criminal Law 

To begin with, I accept legal aid. In order to access Legal aid, you can follow this link  :   legalaidontario.on.ca 
Legal Aid though is only available for the poorest of the poor.  To be eligible you must essentially be broke or on Social assistance. You must also be facing jail time, so it is only for those facing serious charges. 
If you do not qualify, you can then access Legal Aid duty counsel, but in most cases they will not do trials. 
    My fees can work two ways: first you can pay a flat fee, or secondly you can pay on an hourly basis. My hourly rate is generally about $400 an hour. This can be adjusted to your income or your ability to pay or to the seriousness of the case or to the question of whether or not your case is of public interest. I may even work on a pro bono basis depending on the circumstances of your case. Do not assume that you cannot afford a lawyer. Feel free to call for an assessment. 


Real Estate

In the realm of real estate, my primary function is the selling and purchasing of residential real estate. My fees are flat rate but with additions. Furthermore, if a deal becomes complex, I will charge at an hourly rate for work that goes well beyond the average transaction. My fees are as follows: 
Selling a house: $800, plus $100 to discharge a mortgage
Purchasing a house:  $900 plus $100 to register a mortgage
Refinancing: $600 
Transfer from deceased to estate trustee: $600.00 
To discharge a mortgage: $200 or hourly if an application has to be made to court. 


When it comes to Estates work, the primary job is to apply for a Certificate of Estate Trustee. My fee is generally $1500 but may be more subject to the complexity of the matter. 
To prepare a will: $300 
To prepare a Power of Attorney: $150.00 


All fees noted above do not include HST or disbursements.