I am an Attorney practising mainly in the area of Criminal Law. I am available for criminal defense matters throughout the GTA, though I do the bulk of my work within Toronto itself. I do trials, bail hearings, and guilty pleas.

If you have been arrested, you can call me 24/7, from the site of your arrest to the Police station, whenever you need help, I am always available.

A lot of people think lawyers are too expensive, but I am sensitive to every financial situation and that’s why my fees are geared towards the income of my clients. I accept Legal Aid if you are eligible for it, but I tailor my fees so that everyone can afford a lawyer.

I also try to keep my practice as wide as possible so that I can help you with other matters, such and residential real estate and Estates work. I want to be able to solve as many of your legal problems as possible, but with a focus on Criminal Law.