Michael Fairney Law

I am a sole practitioner operating primarily in the field of Criminal Law. I also practice Real Estate law and Estates law.

My office is in downtown Toronto at 219 Carlton Street where I share office space with five other lawyers also doing mostly Criminal Law, as well as family, civil and estates law. If I cannot handle your matter, I can probably refer you to one of the other lawyers in the building who can.

I am also available to meet at my home office, which is 28 Dixfield Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 4J1, and in certain situations I am willing to do house calls or just meet you at Court.

I was called to the Bar of the Province of Manitoba after articling at the prestigious law firm Walsh, Micay, the home of Greg Brodsky, one of the best known criminal lawyers in Western Canada. There I was exposed to all levels of Criminal law from basic bail hearings to sitting in on murder trials.

After leaving Manitoba, I articled at the Federal Department of Justice in Toronto, and then worked as an associate criminal lawyer in Hamilton, where I was in court every day, gaining a great deal of experience.

I then moved back to Toronto and since then have been practicing as a sole practitioner.

I have a good relationship with many of the Crown Attorneys in the Greater Toronto Area  and have been getting great results for many of my satisfied clients because of that.

My approach to law is that it is all about problem solving. My clients usually come to me extremely stressed out and it gives my great pleasure to get their lives back to normal and take the pressure off them. I hope you will give me the chance to do the same for you